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What will the drivers’ fuel strike mean to you?

While 3,000 tanker drivers are threatening a fuel tanker driver strike against your nearest oil fuel distributor, the strike will almost certainly affect you as well.

With recent news of a pending fuel tanker driver strike, many  companies are trying to prevent this from happening by trying to meet the demands of these angered drivers.

The Unite’s assistant general secretary, Len McCluskey, wrote the following statement:

“It is our firm belief that the key stakeholders within this particular sector must take considerable note of the serious deterioration in employee morale with the constant threats to continued employment, the constant threats arising from cost down agendas, constant attacks on our members’ terms and conditions of employment, which all give rise to an extremely negative period within this sector.”

Why A Fuel Strike?

Many tanker drivers that carry fuel oils, such as red diesel and heating oil to the various distributors in the UK are threatening a massive strike. They feel that they deserve a pay raise of 13 percent. These drivers are so sure that they deserve the additional pay that they are willing to forge war and stop working altogether until the fuel oil supplier that they are working for meets their demands. This is estimated to happen as early as next week.

“We have consistently warned the oil employers that their strategy of attacking wages and squeezing more and more out of their drivers but giving them less and less in return will backfire,” said Unite national officer, Ron Webb.

This sounds bad, but how will the fuel strike affect me?

While true goal behind a fuel tanker driver strike would be for the drivers to be paid more by the fuel oil supplier, this strike is going to affect your life as well. Many are concerned that this will strand motorists in many parts of the country without fuel until the strike subsides.

There is also the chance of secondary picketing which would mean that other petrol stations could be affected as well by picket lines that cannot be crossed.

What is being done to stop the fuel strike?

Some companies have tried offering to pay their drivers more. One oil fuel distributor has even offered as much as a 6 percent pay raise; however, this offer was declined. According to the oil fuel distributor, the 6 percent offer would increase the average driver’s salary from £36,000 to £38,500. The union is calling for a minimum wage for all drivers of £36,000 as well.

In the meantime, how can fuel be obtained?

Thanks to their ability to think ahead, Birmingham Fuel Oils hopes to be able to meet the fuel demand if a fuel tanker driver strike were to occur. In an effort to do so, Birmingham Fuel Oils has purchased an additional 18 million litres of fuel in order to cope with the potential demand.

What is even more convenient is the fact that this oil fuel distributor has recently opened a new fuel oil supplier in the heart of Birmingham. Birmingham Fuel Oils hopes to be able to provide fuel oils and lubricants to many different business sectors as well as the public sector within Birmingham and throughout the West Midlands and East Midlands.