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Are You Saving Thousands of Pounds Each Year with the Alternative Red Diesel Fuel?

Everyone is always looking for a way to cut down on their costs, and fuel costs are always a good place to start as here you can make the biggest changes.  For consumers, whether they are home owners looking for a better way to heat their homes, or business owners looking for a more efficient way to do business, red diesel fuel options should always be considered.

What is Red Diesel Fuel?

Red diesel is chemically similar to diesel fuel used to power cars and trucks.  However, whereas diesel fuel for cars is subject to taxation, fuel for other purposes is not, which is why red diesel is considerably cheaper than diesel fuel. To differentiate between diesel used for vehicles, and diesel used for heating, a red dye is added to the diesel for heating, which leads to red diesel fuel. The product goes by a number of other names in the industry, such as heating oil, gas oil, or medium diesel, but all of these refer to the same thing; red diesel fuel.

What are the uses of Red Diesel Fuel?

Red diesel is a versatile option, whether for residential or commercial use. For residential use, red diesel provides a cheap and reliable source for heating your home. Red diesel can also be utilised for a number of commercial purposes. Red diesel fuel is able to provide a radically cheaper alternative to regular diesel fuel. Farmers can use this drastically cheaper fuel to power their farm equipment, as long as the equipment is not for transportation on public roads. Construction firms can utilise red diesel fuel for bobcats, bulldozers, and other off-road diesel engine equipment.

Where is Red Diesel Available?

When considering providers of red diesel fuel, the leading national red diesel supplier in the industry is undeniably Birmingham Fuel Oils. With over twenty years of experience in providing fuel oils, such as red diesel to consumers, the company has fine-tuned their process and delivery system.  Orders can come in large or small quantities with a customary next day delivery.  If it’s a full 36500 litre red diesel delivery on an articulated tanker or 500 litres delivery you require, Birmingham fuel oils have the equipment to fulfil your needs. However, if an emergency arises, Birmingham Fuel Oils is prepared to make guaranteed same day deliveries. With offices operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Birmingham Fuel Oils is ready to offer free competitive price quotes for red diesel fuel and next day service.  As red diesel prices are constantly changing with the ever moving economy call them on 0844 812 4967 to secure your red diesel prices at the lowest available rate.  Just because Birmingham is in the name, it doesn’t mean we supply just locally.  We have 600+ fuel points around the UK where we can supply you the fuel service you need.