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Avoid Tanker Drivers Mass Strike on fuel oils that is set to halt the UK yet again!

You have probably heard the news of a possible tanker driver strike. The strike will probably be timed to cause the greatest disruption of service and attract the most attention. Should a strike occur, several oil fuel distributors in the country will be affected. One company that isn’t affected by the strike and will be able to make the fuel deliveries you need is Birmingham Fuel Oils.

Why Another Fuel Strike?

Drivers for the P & O Trans European and Unite, UK’s largest driver union, are both threatening a strike in contract with more than one large oil fuel distributor. As you would expect, it involves pay increases and working conditions. The rhetoric is already escalating in efforts by both sides to sway public opinion. No one knows what the outcome will be or how long the controversy will last. The best we can do, is prepare for the worst and hope for something better. It seems like only yesterday we experienced something similar. Actually it was two years ago when the drivers struck and people suffered through the fear of having no oil. While we would like to see these issues resolved in an amicable way, we must all deal with the reality of a possible recurrence this year.

Planning Ahead For The Fuel Tanker Strike

Even though these trucks are on the road today, we don’t know how long that will last. Now is the time to take action to protect yourself, your family and business by finding alternative sources. That starts with finding a fuel oil distributor that can guarantee deliveries during this mass strike. In anticipation of disruptions in supply, Birmingham Fuel Oils, has purchased an additional 18 million litres of fuel oil to take care of as many customers and businesses as possible. As a nationwide fuel oil distributor, they will be able to take care of your needs even in the event that a strike does take place. They have a large fleet of trucks to meet the demand and the inventory to satisfy your supply requirements. Ensure your uninterrupted supply of oil by aligning yourself with a fuel oil supplier unaffected by the strike. Birmingham Fuel Oils will be able to perform and is prepared for any eventuality. In turbulent times, having a fuel oil supplier you can depend on provides that added peace of mind.