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Increasing use of Paraffin Heaters makes living costs more comfortable

Consumers frequently overlook the cost-effective properties of paraffin oil when seeking for suitable heating solution. Paraffin Liquid is so powerful that it is a major component of jet fuel and also used in rocket launches; concurrently, paraffin suppliers make it cost-effective to purchase sufficiently small quantities for home use. For example, paraffin can be used for powering a heater rated at just four KW. Comparing KWH for electricity to the KW produced by Paraffin. Paraffin Wins! On average, the British consumer pays £0.131 per KWH of electricity. Do the math! It stands to reason that in the course of a four-hour evening at home, the cost comes to £1.20. This amount of electricity may be sufficient to power a heater rated for 2.3KW. Since paraffin oil heaters actual provide the rated output – which drastically differentiates them from electric models — paraffin suppliers know that the consumer gets what he pays for and subsequently uses less fuel.

Benefits of using paraffin heaters

It is a known fact that due to the exact heat output, which paraffin liquid enables heaters to provide, consumers have the option of purchasing two or more appliances at lower ratings. When using paraffin oil in this manner, the consumer decides exactly how much heat he wishes to generate. Paraffin suppliers underscore that this procedure saves money: it greatly decreases the amount of heating fuel the average customer uses. For example, if the home still retains residual warmth from a sunny day, the consumer only needs to fire up one heater instead of two or three that would total the rating of just one electric heater. This kind of precision heating is unheard of with electricity.

Safety in Addition to Precision. Paraffin Goes the Distance!

Plenty of consumers remember their childhood years, when anxious parents warned them away from the heater that used paraffin liquid. Antiquated equipment presented fire hazards and left a growing generation wary of anything having to do with paraffin oil. It is this attitude that paraffin suppliers go to great lengths to combat, especially since the modern heaters are not only precision instruments but calibrated for safety. Automatic shut-off switches eliminate fire hazards of toppled appliances while built-in carbon monoxide alarms alert residents to faulty operations, which could result in dangerous gas emissions. There is nothing to alert consumers to faulty wall wiring or melting cables inside electric heaters.