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Irish Moss Peat Briquettes

Peat briquettes can be made from a variety of different fuels including Irish Moss. They are typically cylindrical blocks of solid fuel that has been compressed and are used to help start fires when camping, for fireplaces or even barbecues. Peat Briquettes are more commonly seen made from hay, sawdust, coal and Irish Moss but they can also be made with a large range of other fuels.

In Ireland Irish Moss Peat Briquettes are extremely common fuel sources and are typically used as a domestic fuel. This makes Irish Moss much easier to obtain in the UK. The benefits of using Irish Moss Peat Briquettes is primarily their smokeless burning properties. This means Irish Moss Peat Briquettes are recommended by many rural councils for use in domestic fireplaces where limitations on smoke are commonplace to cut down on environmental and aesthetic impacts.

Irish Moss Peat Briquettes are also a very slow burning fuel meaning they last for a long time to provide heat to your home. Unlike liquid fuels peat briquettes are easily stored without the need for additional equipment due to their solid nature. Peat Briquettes can be used as both the sole fuel supply in the home or in conjunction with other fuels according to your preference. In the UK many homes typically use Irish Moss Peat Briquettes to help start a stubborn fire and keep it going over a long duration with it’s slow and steady flame.

Irish Moss Peat Briquettes can vary in size depending on their use such as smaller blocks for domestic use and larger blocks for commercial or other heavy duty purposes. These briquettes emit a third of the smoke regular fuel emits during combustion and in addition have vastly reduced sulphur emissions making them ideal fuel solutions for domestic use and for the environmentally conscious.

Irish Moss Peat Briquettes have no need for binders or additives so you are not adding toxic chemicals to your fire. In addition to this, Irish Moss Peat Briquettes provide many other additional benefits for your home or commercial fire needs, including quick heat transfer from your fire to the back boiler. It is a very safe fuel and does not spark or spit while burning again making it an excellent choice for home fireplaces. Finally it also has a low ash content and an immensely low sulphur content when compared to other standard fuels. Irish Moss Peat Briquettes can provide steady heat for up to 24 hours as standard.

The storage of Irish Moss Peat Briquettes is fairly simple as they take around 50% less room than any other competitive solid fuel. So that means if you are struggling to find storage space for your home fireplace fuel, Irish Moss Peat Briquettes could be the solution you are looking for with it’s compact size and long lasting burning properties.