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Who Do You Call If the Tanker Drivers Strike?

Your answer may be the same as a lot of other concerned citizens, ‘I don’t know.’ If you have not already made other arrangements, it may be time to seriously consider a back-up plan. Rather than wait for your current fuel oil supplier to notify you that they won’t be coming, you may want to contact Birmingham Fuel Oils on 0844 812 4967.

Why Another Fuel Strike?

Based on the rhetoric, the issues are similar to strikes of the past, low wages, long hours and layoffs. While the tune has not changed the melody sounds more strident, with the unions indicating that moral is lower than it has ever been. With summer almost over and winter just around the corner, the unions are likely to time their strike to affect the most people possible. Based on what we have heard so far, it would appear that management and the unions are nowhere near an agreeable settlement for making fuel deliveries. This impasse seems to be even worse than the disagreement that caused the strike in 2008. If that is true, the impacts could be significantly worse.

What should I Do in the event of a fuel strike?

If you are concerned about running out of fuel whether it is petrol, diesel fuel or heating oil, you need to find a fuel oil supplier that is not subject to a strike by the unions and is prepared to handle the additional requirements. The management at Birmingham has ordered an additional 18 million litres of fuel oils in anticipation of the strike and so has the fleet capacity to meet the increased demand that will surely occur. They have the capability to provide service to industrial, agricultural and marine businesses while also taking care of individual customers. Their fleet has the flexibility to deliver up to 36,500 litre loads to as little as 500 litres nationwide. With all of the uncertainty we face in the current economy, it would be nice if we didn’t have to worry about having the fuel we need to make it through the day. Birmingham Fuel Oils has been serving their customers for over twenty years. Don’t wait for the inevitable and become a victim of the strike. Knowledge is power and you have the information you need to plan ahead and avoid being without the fuel you need.