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Agricultural Fuel

Fuel Oils and lubricants for Agriculture

An important part of our service is providing a complete range of farm fuels, such as red diesel as well as lubricants to the agricultural industry. With over 20 years experience serving the farming community, Birmingham Fuel Oils understands the different needs of our farming customers. With seasonal pressures of farming, varying weather conditions and farming equipment, Birmingham Fuel Oils are well placed to advise and support their specific requirements when it comes to fuel oils and lubricants.

Birmingham Fuel Oils not only delivers fuel to a wide range of agricultural facilities, from large farm estates to smallholdings, we also provide a wide range of high quality lubricants to keep farm machinery operational. We are happy to discuss your needs with you on a one to one basis. We supply a wide range of fuel oil and lubricant products all which can be easily delivered to your premises. We are proud of the working relationships we have built up with our agricultural customers, who can rely on us to supply their requirements to keep their businesses moving.

If you require fuel, oils or lubricants have any questions you would like answered please contact us on 0121 382 62 62. With the farming industry currently in decline, with extremely low prices at ‘market’, we will endeavour to keep fuel-oil and lubricant prices as low as possible. At Birmingham Fuel Oils we are very proud of the excellent service that we provide for our customers and would welcome the chance to show you just what we are capable of.

Red Diesel in Agriculture

Red diesel fuel is widely known as tractor diesel and is commonly used in agriculture in vehicles and powering equipment. Farmers use red diesel in agriculture in their tractors, combine harvesters and any other diesel-powered equipment they use in agriculture. Birmingham Fuels Oils are the number one red diesel suppliers in the UK and can supply red diesel to any site across the country, even the remote sites that most companies refuse to deliver. Just give Birmingham Fuels Oils a call on 0121 382 62 62 and speak to one of very experienced sales team who will discuss your red diesel requirement.

Lubricants in Agriculture

Almost all machinery requires the use of lubricants. The objective of lubrication is to minimise direct metal to metal contact and protect engine and machinery parts against wear and corrosion for an efficient and longer lasting performance. Birmingham Fuel Oils supplies lubricants for use in agricultural equipment and the agricultural sectors. Birmingham Fuel Oils offer an extensive range of high quality lubricants, and greases for use for your business. Birmingham Fuel Oils are the number one lubricant suppliers in the UK and can supply any site in the UK. We supply a whole range of lubricants which includes mineral oil based and synthetic lubricants. Deliveries are available in bulk, 205 litre drums, 25 litre containers and smaller pack sizes, so call Birmingham Fuel Oils now on 0121 382 62 62 to discuss your requirements.

If you require fuel oils or lubricants have any questions you would like answered please contact us on 0121 382 62 62.

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