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Wrong Fuel in your Tank

Have you put the Wrong Fuel in your Tank?

If you think you have put the wrong fuel in your tank then don’t delay thinking about calling in a professional to help you fix the problem. Many people do this every single day across the UK including Birmingham but unfortunately many people find they are landed with huge repair bills for their vehicle because […]

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Marine Fuel Changes

Marine Fuel Changes for Boats

Marine Fuel Changes for Boats In January 2011 a brand new grade of diesel was introduced across the UK for use by marine vessels such as canal boats. This fuel is known as ULSD and was designed to replace FAME free red diesel. However, ULSD has substantially less sulphur contents than the traditional Red Diesel […]

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Red Diesel fuel Birmingham

Red Diesel and Generators

Red Diesel and Generators Diesel fuel tanks are very reliable in general so long as they are properly maintained and serviced throughout their life. The correct and regular maintenance to a generator can prolong it’s life expectancy significantly. red diesel generators are hard working and capable of operating in subarctic weather conditions making them perfect […]

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rish Moss Peat Briquettes

Irish Moss Peat Briquettes

Peat briquettes can be made from a variety of different fuels including Irish Moss. They are typically cylindrical blocks of solid fuel that has been compressed and are used to help start fires when camping, for fireplaces or even barbecues. Peat Briquettes are more commonly seen made from hay, sawdust, coal and Irish Moss but […]

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Diesel Generator Fuel Birmingham

Diesel Generator Fuel

Generator fuel can be a variety of different fuels such as Diesel, Propane, Natural Gas or Bio-Diesel. The two most common types of generator fuel used in the UK are known as red diesel and Natural Gas. Both of these fuel variations have their own pros and cons to using them. red diesel is one […]

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Increasing use of Paraffin Heaters makes living costs more comfortable

Consumers frequently overlook the cost-effective properties of paraffin oil when seeking for suitable heating solution. Paraffin Liquid is so powerful that it is a major component of jet fuel and also used in rocket launches; concurrently, paraffin suppliers make it cost-effective to purchase sufficiently small quantities for home use. For example, paraffin can be used […]

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What Are Fuel Oils

Fuel oils are a variety of liquid mixtures that are obtained from the distillation of petroleum and their use involves burning them as fuel. The various types of fuel oil, which include kerosene, diesel fuel, and jet fuel, are produced by different refining processes. Fuel oils are free of sediment, and impurities and are low […]

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Are You Storing Red Diesel Correctly?

Considering the environmental implications of such a question, it could make the most conscientious farmer a little tense. The rules for storing red diesel vary depending on your location and the age of your storage facility. For answers to any specific questions or to obtain general advice, you can contact your environmental regulator. Who is […]

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Are You Paying Too Much for Diesel Fuel?

You may be paying too much for diesel fuel and not even realise it. If you are buying diesel fuel and supplying industrial, construction or farm equipment as well as over the road trucks with the same fuel, you could definitely be paying too much. For advice on ways to solve this dilemma, contact your […]

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What Is Paraffin and What Are Its Uses?

Paraffin, also known as liquid paraffin, paraffin oil or kerosene, is a combustible hydrocarbon liquid that is burned as a fuel. It is a mixture of different types of simple hydrocarbons, it is less volatile than gasoline and it boils at 302-527 degrees Fahrenheit. Paraffin can be extracted from coal, wood and oil shale, but […]

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