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What is Kerosene and what are its uses?

Kerosene is a combustible hydrocarbon liquid which is also referred to as paraffin in the UK and South Africa. As a product, it’s possible uses are highly varied. It can be used efficiently for heating, lighting, cooking, transportation, entertainment, and it has historically been used for a myriad of purposes. It is made from the […]

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Why consumers need to buy Heating oil in the summer

Should you buy your Heating oil over the Summer Months? No Need for Storage? Save Yourself Thousands of Pounds Today! The obvious answer is yes, because demand is less in the summer, therefore prices should be cheaper. Now is this an over simplification of the pricing strategy for heating oil, since it is subject to […]

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The Rules of Red Diesel Fuel

Red diesel fuel has a number of advantages over competing fuel alternatives. It can be used as a fuel for home or business heating, as well as for use in diesel-powered equipment. However, there is a reason that this fuel is much cheaper than normal diesel fuel, despite their chemical similarities. Diesel fuel is taxed […]

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Who wants to pay exorbitant domestic heating oil prices?

With just a little planning and effort, it is possible to significantly reduce heating costs for this coming winter season. Finding cheap heating oil prices is becoming easier with the help of the internet and other available resources. To achieve a good deal from your heating oil supplier will depend upon your priorities. Things to […]

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What is Heating Oil and What are Its Uses?

Heating oil is one of the many products distilled from crude oil that make everyday life better. Most of us are accustomed to purchasing it from our local heating oil supplier in preparation for winter. As the name implies, the primary use is to heat buildings. What is Different about Heating Oil? Heating oil is […]

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Who Do You Call If the Tanker Drivers Strike?

Your answer may be the same as a lot of other concerned citizens, ‘I don’t know.’ If you have not already made other arrangements, it may be time to seriously consider a back-up plan. Rather than wait for your current fuel oil supplier to notify you that they won’t be coming, you may want to […]

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What will the drivers’ fuel strike mean to you?

While 3,000 tanker drivers are threatening a fuel tanker driver strike against your nearest oil fuel distributor, the strike will almost certainly affect you as well. With recent news of a pending fuel tanker driver strike, many  companies are trying to prevent this from happening by trying to meet the demands of these angered drivers. […]

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