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What are Lubricants?

A lubricant is an oil based substance containing several types of additives. Almost all machinery requires the use of lubricants. The objective of lubrication is to minimise direct metal to metal contact and protect engine and machinery parts against wear and corrosion for an efficient and longer lasting performance.

Birmingham Fuel Oils are the number one lubricant suppliers in the UK and supply lubricants to any site across the country, even the remote sites that most companies don’t deliver too. There should be no question where to lubricants, Birmingham fuel oils will not be beaten on supply or service. Just give Birmingham Fuels Oils a call on 0844 812 4967 and speak to one of our very experienced technical directors, who will be able to discuss your lubricant requirements.

The level of service Birmingham Fuel Oils provides combined with our first class local knowledge has made us one of the leading suppliers of lubricants in the UK. We are very proud of the excellent service that we provide for our customers and would welcome the chance to show you just what we are capable of.

Buy Lubricants

If you need to buy lubricants, or require a price on lubricants, give Birmingham Fuel Oils a call on 0844 812 4967 and we will be happy to deal with your enquiry. Using the latest development of lubricant technology, Birmingham Fuel Oils assures you of the highest quality, approved lubricants for all types of applications.

Lubricant Uses

Birmingham Fuel Oils supplies lubricants from construction plant, agricultural equipment and automotive use, to specialised industrial use. Birmingham Fuel Oils are able to supply lubricants to all business sectors including, construction, engineering, manufacturing, industrial, transport, agricultural and public sector. The type of lubricant depends on the type of industry.

Birmingham fuel oils supples, Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil, Synthetic Engine Oils such as Fully Synthetic Engine Oils and Semi Synthetic Engine Oils, Mineral Based Oils, Hydraulic Oils, Gear Oils, Process Oils, Transformer Oils, Metal Working Fluids, Automatic Transmission Fluids, Grease supplies and many more.

Synthetic Engine Oil

Synthetic oil is used as a substitute for lubricant refined from petroleum when operating in extreme temperatures. This is because Synthetic oil generally provides superior mechanical and chemical properties than those found in traditional mineral oils. Aircraft turbines, for example, require the use of synthetic oils, such as synthetic engine oil.

Birmingham fuel oil sells both Fully Synthetic Engine Oils and Semi Synthetic Engine Oils. Semi-synthetic oils (also called ‘synthetic blends’) are blends of mineral oil, with less than 30% synthetic oil. These are designed to have many of the benefits of synthetic oil without matching the cost of pure synthetic oil. If you require a price on synthetic oils, give Birmingham Fuel Oils a call on 0844 812 4967 and we will be happy to deal with your enquiry.

Hydraulic Oils and Gear Oils

Hydraulic fluids are based on mineral oil or water and are known as hydraulic oils. Examples of equipment that might use hydraulic oils include excavators, brakes, power steering systems, transmissions, backhoes, garbage trucks, aircraft flight control systems and industrial machinery.

Gear oil is a type of motor oil made specifically for transmissions, transfer cases, and differentials in automobiles, trucks, and other machinery. Gear Oil is of a higher viscosity to better protect the gears. The high viscosity ensures transfer of lubricant throughout the gear train. This is necessary since the devices need heavy oils do not have pumps for transferring the oil with only a portion of the lowermost gears bathed in an oil sump.

If you require a price on Hydraulic Oils and Gear Oils, give Birmingham Fuel Oils a call on 0844 812 4967 and we will be happy to deal with your enquiry.

Industrial and Automotive Lubricants

Birmingham Fuel Oils offer an extensive range of high quality industrial lubricants, automotive lubricants and greases for use in your business. These industrial lubricants and automotive lubricants are supported by expert service from the Birmingham Fuel Oils Team, to provide you with every reassurance that the correct industrial lubricant and automotive lubricants is being used and to solve any lubrication-related problems.

Lubricants Quantities

Birmingham Fuel Oils are the number one lubricant suppliers in the UK and can supply to any site in the UK, no matter how remote the site. We supply a whole range of lubricants which includes mineral oil based and synthetic lubricants. Deliveries are available in bulk, 205 litre drums, 25 litre containers and smaller pack sizes, so call Birmingham Fuel Oils now on 0844 812 4967 to discuss your requirements.

If you need more information about our full range of lubricants, please speak to one of our technical directors for FREE technical advice, product information, advice on formulations and additives, as well as recommendations.