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What is Gas oil?

Gas oil fuel is similar to automotive white diesel but is significantly less expensive to purchase. Gas oil is also known as medium diesel, red diesel, heating oil and generator fuel in the industry. However, other names like tractor diesel, cherry gas oil, 35 seconds and digger fuel are also used globally.

Gas Oil Suppliers

Birmingham Fuels Oils are the number one gas oil suppliers in the UK and supply gas oil to any site across the country, even the remote sites that most companies refuse to deliver. Birmingham Fuels Oils are specialist gas oil suppliers as we operate from 600 strategically located supply points. There should be no question where to buy gas oil, Birmingham fuel oils will not be beaten on supply or service. Just give Birmingham Fuels Oils a call on 0844 812 4967 and speak to one of very experienced technical directors of our fuel team, who will be able to discuss your every gas oil requirement. Not only this, if you need advise on a fuel solution to save you and your company time and money, one of our directors are on hand to provide you this FREE ADVICE!!! The level of service Birmingham Fuel Oils provides combined with our first class local knowledge has made us one of the leading suppliers of gas oil fuel in the UK. We are very proud of the excellent service that we provide for our customers and would welcome the chance to show you just what we are capable of.

Gas Oil Prices

As gas oil prices are constantly changing with the ever moving economy Birmingham Fuels Oils work hard to secure gas oil prices at the very lowest available to you. Just give Birmingham Fuels Oils a call on 0844 812 4967 to buy gas oil and we will provide you with an instant quote. Also, to save yourself time and money if you fill out the online quote form, one of the Birmingham fuel oils team will call you back the same day. We can react rapidly to your imperative requirements when buying gas oil so you are hassle free. Birmingham Fuels Oils supply some of the country’s largest and most demanding users of gas oil 24hrs a day, 365 days a year; therefore you need never be without gas oil.

Gas Oil Quantities

With Birmingham Fuels Oils fast and reliable delivery service across the UK, you can be sure that your fuel will always be delivered on time and we guarantee you will never run out of fuel again. No gas oil delivery is too large or too small as we have an extensive range of tankers to suit you. If it’s a full 36500 litre gas oil delivery on an articulated tanker or a 500 litres on a smaller tanker Birmingham fuel oils have the equipment to fulfil your needs. Birmingham Fuels Oils can also deliver gas oil in 205 litre barrels if you don’t have a storage tank.

Uses of Gas Oil

Gas oil is widely used as commercial fuel, industrial fuel and as domestic heating oil. Marine gas oil is also widely used.

Home Heating Oil

Gas oil fuel is used as home heating oil. It is chemically similar to white diesel but the heating oil price is significantly less. Since heating oil prices are taxed much less than diesel, a red dye is added to the fuel to differentiate the lower-taxed product. The red-dyed fuel is sold wherever homes are heated by heating oil. To receive your domestic heating oil price and gener