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What is Heating Oil and What are Its Uses?

Heating oil is one of the many products distilled from crude oil that make everyday life better. Most of us are accustomed to purchasing it from our local heating oil supplier in preparation for winter. As the name implies, the primary use is to heat buildings.

What is Different about Heating Oil?

Heating oil is part of the family of oil products that is classified as ‘red diesel.’ Red diesel simply means that this product is not intended to be used to propel a vehicle down a public road. The benefit to the consumer of using red diesel is the reduction in taxes, compared to regular diesel fuel. Reducing taxes equates to oil prices. The red dye is used to distinguish it from regular diesel, allowing authorities to check road use vehicles for the proper fuel. The main difference besides taxes is the reduction of sulfur in the fuel. Burning sulfur generates that less than wonderful rotten egg smell most of us would prefer not to have it in our homes.

How is Heating Oil Used?

Heating indoor spaces such as homes and buildings is the primary purpose. This is accomplished with the use of furnaces and boilers which burn the oil to generate heat, which is then radiated out into the air via radiators or a combination of heat exchangers and fans. Typically, heat exchangers heat water which is then pumped to fans blowing air across the pipes carrying the heated water. This same process can also be employed to heat water for domestic purposes such as hot water heaters and indoor swimming pools. Keeping in mind that oil prices are subject to daily changes, It can be very beneficial to have a good working relationship with a reputable heating oil supplier. They can ensure you have readily available supplies at very competitive prices. They can help you plan for your needs ahead of time and take the worry out of staying warm when it’s cold outside.