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Who wants to pay exorbitant domestic heating oil prices?

With just a little planning and effort, it is possible to significantly reduce heating costs for this coming winter season. Finding cheap heating oil prices is becoming easier with the help of the internet and other available resources.
To achieve a good deal from your heating oil supplier will depend upon your priorities. Things to consider are price, method of payment, quantity to be delivered and delivery schedule. Rank these in order of importance to you and begin your search.

How Do These Variables Affect Heating Oil Price?

Fuel oil prices will vary daily based upon the market place. Heating oil suppliers may provide price guarantees for a specified period of time, perhaps up to a month. These guarantees may come at a premium and/or may require a commitment on your part. Price variations of £30 or more per 900 liters are not unusual. Some suppliers may also discount for payment in cash. The more domestic home heating oil you have delivered, the better price you will receive and the best price break is usually at 900 litres. Joining forces with your neighbours, to increase the amount of the order, is another way to increase buying power and to obtain cheaper prices. Flexibility in the delivery schedule of your fuel oil will result in a better price since it allows the company to arrange multiple deliveries in the same area. You may want to consider joining a buying group that takes advantage of the quantity and delivery discounts offered by heating oil suppliers. Cost savings from reduced trips will be shared by the company.

How Do I Start?

There are several approaches to help reduce heating oil prices. The first way is to call several suppliers to get quotes and take the lowest bidder. Another way is to join a buying group. There are several types and their level of participation in negotiations and problem solving will vary. If you have a supplier who you work with consistently, you may want to see if they will match the lowest bidder. Loyalty has value and developing a relationship with one supplier can pay dividends when emergencies arise.