Have you put the Wrong Fuel in your Tank?

If you think you have put the wrong fuel in your tank then don’t delay thinking about calling in a professional to help you fix the problem. Many people do this every single day across the UK including Birmingham but unfortunately many people find they are landed with huge repair bills for their vehicle because they ignored the problem. If you have put the wrong fuel in your vehicles STOP, do not drive your vehicle and do not attempt to fill your tank with the correct fuel. Your vehicle fuel tank will need to be pumped out and properly cleaned before it can be re-filled with the correct fuel. Failure to get this done can result in irreparable damage to your vehicle engine and a repair bill that is much larger than the cost of hiring a professional company to properly drain your tank.

Putting the wrong fuel in your car’s tank is very common, and thousands of people make this mistake all the time. Don’t be embarrassed about putting the wrong fuel in your tank, make sure you get it sorted as soon as possible. If you can avoid starting your vehicle at all once the mistake has been made an emergency team can reach you in minutes to ensure your vehicle engine remains at peak health. Call our professional service at Birmingham Fuel Oils today on 0121 274 0278 and they will respond quickly and efficiently to assess the extent of fuel contamination and go from there. Remember to keep this number with you at all times in your vehicle just in case so you aren’t caught without when you need it.

Have you got into the wrong lane at the petrol station and didn’t notice?
Did you put the wrong fuel in without even realising it?
Did you forget you have different fuel in your new car?
Did you stop yourself but a small amount of fuel still contaminated your tank?

If you answered yes to any of these then make sure you call our professional team immediately to fix your mis-fueling. Remember that the cost of prevention is always much better then the cost of the cure.

It has been estimated on average 150,000 people put the wrong fuel in their tank by mistake every single year, so there is no need to feel embarrassed, you are not alone! A whopping 95% of these incidents are caused by people who are putting petrol into diesel fuel tanks by mistake, this is a very common problem in areas where diesel cars are more common. It’s a typical issue and an easy mistake to make when you have a new car and a fuel type you are not used to. After years of using petrol a sudden switch to diesel can throw you off guard and make you vulnerable to a misfueling mistake. Misfueling in the UK is not new but is becoming increasingly prevalent as more and more people are buying Diesel fuel vehicles.

If the issue is left unchecked misfueling can develop to such severe damage that the vehicle needs complete part replacements coupled with excessive on the job fuel drain charges from garages. Conversely if the issue is dealt with immediately the damage to your engine can be completely avoided saving you time, money and stress later on down the line!