Industrial and Commercial Fuel Supplier.

Birmingham Fuel Oils is an independent supplier of fuel petroleum and lubricant related products to the industrial and commercial industry throughout the UK. We supply customers from small local businesses through to major industrial sites. Birmingham Fuel Oils supply products such as white diesel, red diesel, bio diesel, kerosene, lubricants and Adblue.

A highly responsive and tailored solution.

Birmingham Fuel Oils offers a highly responsive and tailored solution to all customers, as we understand the importance of a secure reliable partner. With efficient delivery and same day services, Birmingham Fuel Oils have the responsibility of supplying hospitals, emergency services, schools, local authorities, charitable trusts, HM prisons and utilities. In industry we provide fuel for power generators, utilities, steel, chemicals and major industrial Manufacturers.

At Birmingham Fuel Oils we are very proud of the excellent service that we provide for our customers and would welcome the chance to show you just what we are capable of. PLEASE GIVEBIRMINGHAM FUEL OILS A CALL ON 0121 382 6262


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    Red Diesel in the Industrial and Commercial Sector.

    Gas oil or ‘red diesel’ is the diesel fuel for agricultural off-road vehicles & machinery that are exempt from Excise Duty.

    Since the rule change in April 2022, Gas Oil is no longer allowed to be used in any commercial site machinery or construction.
    Please see here for more details.

    Just give Birmingham Fuels Oils a call on 0844 812 4967 and speak to one of very experienced sales team who will discuss your red diesel requirements.


    White Diesel in the Industrial and Commercial Sector.

    White diesel is the trade name of a fuel oil and in public transport and automobiles. White Diesel is commonly known as derv, road diesel, white diesel, or ULSD (ultra-low sulphur diesel). Birmingham Fuels Oils are the number one white diesel suppliers in the UK and can supply white diesel to any site across the country, even the remote sites that most companies refuse to deliver. Just give Birmingham Fuels Oils a call on 0121 382 6262 and speak to one of very experienced technical directors who will discuss your white diesel requirement.


    Bio diesel in the Industrial and Commercial Sector.

    Bio diesel has emerged as a realistic and desirable alternative to mineral diesel and are becoming an increasingly valuable contributor to reducing the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Bio dieselare commonly used for machinery and transport in the industrial and commerical sector. Birmingham Fuels Oils should be the number one bio diesel suppliers in the UK as we can supplybio diesel to any site across the country. There should be no question where can I buy bio diesel,Birmingham fuel oils will not be beaten on supply or service. Just give Birmingham Fuels Oils a call on 0121 382 6262.


    Lubricants in the Industrial and Commercial Sector.

    Almost all machinery requires the use of lubricants. The objective of lubrication is to minimise direct metal to metal contact and protect engine and machinery parts against wear and corrosion for an efficient and longer lasting performance. Birmingham Fuel Oils supplies lubricants for use in agricultural equipment and the agricultural sectors. Birmingham Fuel Oils offer an extensive range of high quality lubricants, and greases for use for your business.

    Birmingham Fuel Oils are the number one lubricant suppliers in the UK and can supply any site in the UK. We supply a whole range of lubricants which includes mineral oil based and syntheticlubricants. Deliveries are available in bulk, 205 litre drums, 25 litre containers and smaller pack sizes, so call Birmingham Fuel Oils now on 0121 382 6262 to discuss your requirements.