Premium Kerosene Supplier Across The UK

Birmingham Fuel Oils is one of the West Midlands top local kerosene suppliers with the best kerosene prices. We are a family-run fuel oil distributor delivering bulk loads of kerosene diesel to commercial properties, major companies, local businesses, and small independents. 

When you need to buy kerosene oil with a timely delivery, we are proud to be able to keep your business running at its busiest of times. Buying kerosene is quick and easy with Birmingham Fuel Oils, and we supply for commercial and industrial sectors, including agriculture, transport, domestic, and marine.

Clean-Burning Kerosene heating oil 

Kerosene is a clean-burning heating fuel, also known as 28-second oil, fuel oil, boiler fuel, burning oil, and paraffin. Domestic and commercial customers across the UK choose kerosene because the price is lower than gas. This makes our premium kerosene one of the most cost-efficient ways to heat a domestic or commercial property. 

However, it is not only that kerosene prices are low compared to other fuel types that customers choose to use it. Kerosene heating oil is safer than other fuels with a low risk of carbon monoxide emissions. The choice of kerosene as a heating oil also fulfils the environmental policies that companies hold today. This clean-burning fuel is more environmentally friendly than coal or wood. 

When kerosene burns, more heat per unit is released, giving it a higher efficiency than gas and electricity. The low price of kerosene is clearly not the only benefit of choosing this heating fuel. 


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    Find out the Current kerosene prices

    If you or your business needs a kerosene price today, then contact Birmingham Fuel Oils. Our kerosene is used commercially as a fuel, as a cleaning liquid for chains and removing lubricants, and as jet fuel in the aviation industry because it is less prone to freezing. 

    Our friendly team is ready to give you the kerosene price per litre and arrange a prompt delivery from offices located conveniently off Junction 6 on the M6.