We respect your privacy

Birmingham Fuel Oils is dedicated to protect all the interests of the customers who visit the website. Here, we have explained our Web Privacy Policy and others online practices for your assistance so that you could have a clear picture about the browsing practices. We also make sure that the contents provided in the different pages of this website will be changed and updated as per requirements.

The information we collect

By accessing to birminghamfueloils.co.uk, you are actually agreeing to the terms and conditions and the privacy policy of the company as well. We provide numbers of services through our website like, making purchase, requesting information, making payments etc. and this requires the collection of the personal data such as; Name, Address, contact details, email address etc. Moreover, depending on the request, we also collect home address and contact numbers.

Making use of the details

This is absolutely restricted by the company norms to use any of the customer’s details. We collect all the personal details from you in order to offer more advanced and personalized solutions. Under any circumstance, the details are not shared with any unauthorized person and the details are not used for any promotional purpose. Birmingham Fuel Oils will not sell your personal details and identifiable information to anyone.