Red Diesel Supplier in Birmingham.

Birmingham Fuel Oils have over 25 years experience of supplying fuel to the construction industry and understand the importance of getting fuel to you on site quickly and as hassle free as possible. We have a wide portfolio of clients including many blue-chip companies covering the following sectors:

  • Construction
  • Demolition
  • Piling
  • Recycling
  • Tarmac Companies
  • Wind Warms
  • Solar Farms
  • Landscaping / Groundworks
  • Civil Engineering
  • Remediation


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    About Us

    We are proud Brummies’ family owned and run by local people from our community and surrounding local areas. Half of our workforce is Blue the other half Claret & Blue but whatever side of the City you’re from you can be assured of our 1st Class Red Diesel supplies.

    Our reputation as a Red Diesel Supplier has grown over the past decade & gone from being a local supplier to being known Nationally for our Bulk deliveries & 205 Litre Barrel deliveries

    We now have the facilities and capacity to deliver not only locally but Nationally with our growing network and depots & our vehicle bases in the heart of Birmingham & Preston in Lancashire.

    See our yard pump

    CAN I collect my RED DIESEL?

    Yes, you can collect red diesel via our yard pumps at Birmingham Fuel Oils filled into your own containers or you can purchase 25 litre containers from us, you can also collect Barrels from our yard or if you are a business customer you can self-fill your fuel bowser.



    Generator ran out of Red Diesel, Fuel Bowser Empty, Crane ran out of fuel, back up supply empty! Give us a call we will do our best to help.

    Call now Birmingham Fuel Oils now on 0121 382 6262 we have a professional team who are always ready to help.

    Red Diesel FAQ’s – All Your Questions Answered

    Red Diesel is also known by various other names such as, Gas Oil or Cherry Diesel, Tractor Diesel & 35 second fuel oil, it’s a fuel that is commonly used in Off Road Vehicles and Agriculture

    Gas oil or ‘red diesel’ is the diesel fuel for agricultural off-road vehicles & machinery that are exempt from Excise Duty.

    Since the rule change in April 2022, Gas Oil is no longer allowed to be used in any commercial site machinery.
    Please see below document for more details.

    We are regularly asked questions about Red Diesel or Gas Oil by customers who are considering purchasing and want to know more, we have added some of the most common questions here for you to check out.

    If you’re a business or individual looking for an alternative Red Diesel Supplier please give us a call to discuss your requirements further our In-House sales team will be happy to discuss on 0121 382 6262

    Red Diesel FAQ’s:
    • Q: Is there any tax or Vat payable on Red Diesel?

    A: Yes however the duty paid (Vat) is less than Road Diesel, a general rule is up to 2300 litres (505.92 Gallons) you pay 5% Vat over 2300 litres (505.92) Gallons it’s 20% Vat.

    • Q: Can I use Red Diesel in my car?

    A: The short answer is no! As Red Diesel designed for use in Off-Road vehicles it is subject to a different taxation to Road Diesel (about 40% Less) and would therefore be considered tax evasion by the HMRC.

    • Q:Will Red Diesel Damage my Diesel Engine?

    A:The Short answer is No, Red Diesel is essentially the same as Road or White Diesel it just has dye added. Diesel engines will run on Red Diesel however this would be illegal in most cases if used on public roads without special exemption.

    • Q:Where can I buy Red Diesel from?

    A:Most Oil companies can provide Red Diesel and it can also be found at some Petrol Stations, but away from the regular pumps. Red Diesel is also available to collect from our yard pump at Birmingham Fuel Oils or we can deliver direct from 25 Litres to 30,000 litre bulk deliveries.

    • Q:Can I buy a Barrel of Red Diesel?

    A:Yes you can, we can deliver 205 litre barrels of Red Diesel Nationwide, we will deliver Free Of Charge if you are in the Birmingham area.

    • Q:Can I order a small quantity of Red Diesel?

    A:Yes you can! You can collect as little is you like from a minimum of 10 Litres to a Maximum of 100 Litres form our fuel pump or we can deliver from as little as 25 litres in a container however the delivery would be chargeable

    • Q: Can I use Road Diesel instead of Red Diesel?

    A: Yes of Course you can, it’s just more expensive to use in your Off Road vehicle or Generator

    • Q:Is Red Diesel the same as Gas Oil?

    A: Red Diesel is the same as Gas Oil. Gas Oil is the term intended for use other than as fuel in road vehicles in other words Off Road Vehicles. Gas oil intended for use in Diesel Engine Road Vehicles (DERV) has a duty rate of 57.95 pence per litre (ppl). Gas oil intended for other uses is entitled to a rebate of 46.81ppl giving an effective rate of 11.14ppl.

    • Q:What are alternative names for Red Diesel?

    A: Red Diesel is also known as Gas Oil, Cherry Red, Cherry, Cherry Diesel, Tractor Diesel, 35 Sec or 35 Second Fuel Oil. 😊

    • Q:Do I need a licence to Buy Red Diesel?

    A:No you don’t need a licence to buy red Diesel.

    • Q: Can I drive on the main road with Red Diesel?

    A:No you cant as Red Diesel is a tax rebated fuel for off road use. There are exceptions to this however such as Farmers using their Tractors

    • Q:Can we use Red Diesel for Gritting the Road?

    A: Yes you can farmers and companies who own tractors or similar Off Road vehicles have been able to use Red Diesel to grit roads in rural areas since 2012.

    • Q:Can we run our Generator on Red Diesel?

    A:Yes absolutely Generators run on Red Diesel which is a considerable saving on fuel costs compared to White Diesel

    • Q:What Vehicles can use Red Diesel?

    A:Any off Road or “exempted” Vehicle such as Tractors, Combine Harvesters, JCB’s any Mobile Plant Machinery, Light Agricultural Vehicles, Cranes, Gritters, Diggers, Snow ploughs also vehicles used in Horticulture and Forestry.

    • Q:Can I use Red Diesel in my Canal Barge, Narrowboat or Canal Boat?

    A:Yes you can however the following rules apply and are taken from

    Under current EU rules fuel that can benefit from a reduced tax rate has to be marked by coloured dye. Commercial craft are allowed to benefit from fuel subject to a lower tax rate but private boats must use fuel subject to a standard rate.

    Historically, boat owners were able to purchase and use lower-taxed diesel marked with a red dye, otherwise used by the agricultural and construction industries, for pleasure boating. This changed in 2008 when a UK derogation from the Energy Products Directive (which permitted the UK to continue to levy a reduced rate of duty on motor fuel to be used for propulsion in private pleasure craft) ended.


    So effectively what this means is that Red Diesel or Gas Oil can be used in Canal Boats for private, commercial or pleasure however the correct duty must be paid on the quantity of fuel used for propulsion.

    • Q:Can you use Red Diesel when clearing snow?
    • A: During bad or extreme weather farmers can use their tractors to help remove snow from lanes & roads. Also any vehicle using a snow plough can use Red Diesel in these conditions.
    • Q: Why is Red Diesel coloured Red?
    • A:There is a Red Dye added to Red Diesel in order to make it easily identifiable, this enables users and the HMRC to be able to easily identify any mis use of Red Diesel. The Diesel looks like a cherry colour which is where the nick name Cherry comes from.
    • Q:Is Red Diesel Legal or Illegal?
    • A:Red Diesel is Legal to use in the UK for all off road vehicles. It is not legal to use on public roads and would be considered tax evasion without special exemption.
    • Q:What is the cost of Red Diesel?
    • A:Prices fluctuate daily just like road diesel and petrol at your petrol station, however a general rule is it around 40% cheaper than Road Diesel.
    • Q:What are the Laws regarding Storage of Red Diesel?

    A: Single skin tanks usually up to 2500 litres must now have a secondary containment or Bund this is now a legal requirement for tanks above 3500 litres. We would advise buying a tank with a bund combined.

    It is also advisable to keep any Red Diesel tanks away from any water courses etc to avoid pollution we would advise a minimum of 6 meters however 10 meters or is better. This will help avoid any costly environmental clean-up process should there be a spillage.

    • Q: Can I be the Fined for using Red Diesel?
    • A:Only if your using it illegally otherwise no fines are implemented.

    There are no set fine amounts for using Red Diesel illegally however generally you would be charged by the HMRC for the removal of the Red Diesel from your vehicles fuel system and tank as well as paying the difference between the Red Diesel and road Diesel for the time period you are deemed to have been using it. Along with any associated cost that the HMRC deem appropriate.

    • Q:What do I do with my unwanted or surplus Red Diesel Fuel?

    A:Waste or surplus fuel has to be disposed of appropriately, under no circumstances should any waste fuel or oil be tipped down drains or watercourses of any kind. To do so would result in huge fines as you would be deemed to be polluting the environment and would be liable for any associated costs.

    Please Call us on 0121 382 6262, for you waste or surplus Red Diesel or Fuel, Oils that you wish to dispose of and we will advise further.

    • Q:What can id do if I put Red Diesel in my Car by accident?

    A:We would advise that you have your fuel tank drained before it is used on public roads, there are professional mobile companies that can do this for you such as alternatively you could try a local garage/mechanic.

    • Q:What are the main Uses & Users of Red Diesel?
    • A:The main uses & users of Red Diesel are Off Road Vehicles and Machinery, Construction & Demolition, Generators for power and Back Up, Agriculture and Farming, Factories, Schools for both Heating and Power, Hospitals, Rail & Trains, Plant Machinery, Shipping, Civil Engineering & Groundworks, Pilling, Recycling, Wind & Solar Farms.